Buchpräsentation und Podiumsdiskussion: Sandrine Kott: A World More Equal: An Internationalist Perspective on the Cold War (Columbia University Press 2024)

Zeit: 8.4.2024, 17:00-19:30

Ort: Alte Kapelle, Campus der Universität Wien


Date: 8. April, 17h-19h30

Place: Alte Kapelle, Campus of the University of Vienna

The post-World War II period is typically seen as a time of stark division, an epochal global conflict between the United States and the Soviet Union; but – as will be discussed – it was also a time of intensifying international cooperation.

Discussants:Lucile Dreidemy, Eva-Maria Muschik

Chair:Elisabeth Röhrlich

A cooperation of the Department of History, the New Cold War Studies Group, and the Department of Development Studies.