Francesco Partini da Rovereto (1500-1569), medico imperiale. La sua attività di cura e le sue reti professionali

Alessandra Quaranta

The article sheds light on both the medical practice of Francesco Partini from Rovereto (1500–1569), and his professional networks. In 1557, he was appointed personal physician of Ferdinand I’s son, Maximilian, and in this position also treated many members of the imperial family’s entourage over the course of his career. The medical consultations he compiled are characterised by a great attention to clinical signs, following the pattern outlined by Giovanni Battista Da Monte. Furthermore, the Italian physician established close relationships with some of the most eminent physicians of his time. However, the constant search for confirmation of his own diagnostic hypotheses partially entailed his fear of disappointing his patients’ expectations of recovery. Partini had to integrate his great scholarly erudition in a goal-oriented strategy aimed at preserving the trust of both his patients and the Emperor.

Institut für Geschichte
ÖFOS 2012
601005 Europäische Geschichte, 601014 Neuere Geschichte, 305903 Geschichte der Medizin
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