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Colloquium Medizin- & Psychiatriegeschichte

28th June 2021 in hybrid form: online and on-site

We are glad to invite you to a colloquium on History of Medicine and Psychiatry, organized by the Doctoral School for Historical and Cultural Studies, which will be held on June 28. 

Ever since its disciplinary establishment in the 18th century, Psychiatrie has avidly engaged in circulation of knowledge and ideas with political agents. Its participation in societal planning brings Psychiatry to a productive exchange with popular and interdisciplinary discourses. At the same time, it is also confronted with the issues of power distribution, in- and exclusion. Together with our invited experts - Martin Schaffner (University of Basel) and Monika Ankele (Medical University of Vienna) - we discuss public, political, institutional, and epistemic aspects of History of Psychiatry/History of Medicine in the late 19th and 20th centuries. 

The colloquium is to be held in hybrid form so that our guests online have an opportunity to provide their questions and commentaries to the "offline" experts and participants. So as to make this possible, we kindly ask you for a brief registration