Lectures at GAM, 19th October 2016

Tomáš Murár (Prag): The Royal Representation as/and the Artistic Visualization. Theoretical Approach toward Some of the 17th Century Coronations and Their Visualizations in Engravings

Jour fixe des Instituts für die Erforschung der Frühen Neuzeit

Moderation: Friedrich Polleroß

Royal representation finds its peak in the act of coronation as in the main and the most important part of the king's or emperor's reign. In the 17th century we can find a lot of these sovereign, who lost or (and) retrieve their kingdoms or empires and they needed to assure their position in the reclaimed or uncertain land. To be able to do that, they mostly used their „royal representation“ as the main instrument to declare their right to rule. This need for representation of the king's right to rule, shown through the spectacle of the visualization of the act of coronation, is possible to find for example in Stuarts' England as well as in the Habsburg monarchy with their fight for ruling in Bohemian kingdom in the beginning of the 17th century.
The lecture will aim at this problematic of the royal representation through the artistic visualization with the question of the relevance of the act of coronation itself over its representation in artistic mediums. The thesis is developed mainly on the example of engravings for the official festival book devoted to the processions and coronation of the King Charles II of England from 1662. This approach is framed for the most part by a theory of the royal representation by Louis Marin, theory of the king's body and its role and transformations in the sovereignty by Ernst Kantorowicz and by the theory of the visual representation and inter-mediality by W. J. T. Mitchell.

Zur Person:
Tomáš Murár ist Mitarbeiter am Institut für Kunstgeschichte der Karls-Universität in Prag tätig. Ausgewählte Vorträge: „Barock als der Stil im Konzept Vojtěch Birnbaums“, Prag, Vortrag für Klub Za starou Prahu, März 2014; „The Entertainment of His Most Excellent Majestie Charles II. Wenzel Hollar und die Krönung Karls II. Stuart, Der Tagung Ars Linearis, Prag, Nationalgalerie, April 2014; „Kunstwollen: The Transfer and Precarious Survival of an Artistic–Theoretical Concept in Czech Art History on the 20th Century“, Der Tagung Übertragende Lektüren, Karls-Universität in Prag und Universität Erfurt, Februar 2014; „Memoria et monumentum: Das Barockprinzip in der Theorie Vojtěch Birnbaums“, Der Tagung Paragone 2015. Masaryk-Universität in Brünn, Mai 2015.