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Interwoven Functionalities between Empire and Science in the Habsburg Monarchy : A Comparison of Nineteenth Century Geology and Botany. / Klemun, Marianne.

Science and Empire in Eastern Europe. : Imperial Russia and the Habsburg Monarchy in the 19th Century. ed. / Jan Arend. Göttingen : Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2020. p. 275-288.

Research output: Contribution to bookChapter

Wissenschaft als Kommunikation in der Metropole Wien. Die Tagebücher Franz von Hauers der Jahre 1860–1868. / Klemun, Marianne.

Wien, Köln, Weimar : Böhlau Verlag, 2020.

Research output: Book

The Geological Survey in Vienna (k.k. Geologische Reichsanstalt): Imperial Geology 170 years ago. Klemun, Marianne (Author). 2019. International Union of Geological Sciences.

Research output: Electronic/multimedia outputWeb publication

Betrifft Geschichte : Alexander von Humboldt. Klemun, Marianne (Interviewee). 2019. Österreichische Rundfunk (Ö1).

Research output: Electronic/multimedia outputRadio show

Skulls and blossoms: Collecting and the meaning of scientific objects as resources from the 18th to 20th century. / Klemun, Marianne; Fedotova, Anastasia ; Loskutova, Marina .

In: Centaurus: an international journal of the history of science and its cultural aspects, Vol. 60 (2018), No. 4, 28.08.2019, p. 231-237.

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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Fragmentiertes Natur-Wissen „in transit“

Marianne Klemun
Das Wie[n]erische Diarium als Medium Habsburgischer Repräsentationsstrategien.
Seminar/Workshop, Talk or oral contribution
28.1.2020 - 28.1.2020

Habsburg Knowledge Initiative: Central Europe in Global History

Marianne Klemun , Christine Lebeau , Kapil Raj , Bernhard Schär , Jan Surman , Werner Telesko , Natascha Wheatley
Empire of Circulation
Panel discussion, round table, Talk or oral contribution
10.10.2019 - 10.10.2019

Communicating Geology between Bureaucracy, Public, Society and Laymen: the Geological Survey in the Habsburg Monarchy and beyond,.

Marianne Klemun
History of Communication in the Geological Sciences – 2, 44th INHIGEO Symposium
Conference, Talk or oral contribution
2.9.2019 - 12.9.2019

Enlightenment Identities, 15th International Congress on the Edinburgh

Marianne Klemun , Borbála Zsuzanna Möller Török
Enlightenment Identities, 15th International Congress on the Edinburgh
Conference, Organisation of ...
14.7.2019 - 19.7.2019

Gathering Data and Objects without Travel Narration: Natural History Collections of the Habsburg Monarchy in Transition.

Marianne Klemun , Johannes Mattes , Borbála Zsuzanna Möller Török , Marcel Chahrour , Laszlo Kontler , Franz Leander Fillafer
Enlightenment Identities, 15th International Congress on the Edinburgh
Conference, Talk or oral contribution
14.7.2019 - 19.7.2019

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