Dr. Diarmuid Ó Riain

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Monachi peregrini: the mobile monks of the Irish Benedictine houses in medieval Germany and Austria. / O Riain, Diarmuid.

Monastic Journeys from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages/ Mobilités monastiques de l'Antiquité tardive au Moyen Âge. ed. / Annick Peters-Custot et al. L'École française de Rome, 2017. (Collection de l'École française de Rome).

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The Schottenklöster and the legacy of the Irish sancti peregrini. / O Riain, Diarmuid.

“A fantastic and abstruse Latinity”: Hiberno-Continental Cultural and Literary Interactions in the Middle Ages. ed. / Dagmar Schlüter; Wolfram Keller. Münster : Nodus, 2017. (Studien und Texte zur Keltologie; Vol. 12).

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The Schottenklöster in the world: Identity, independence and integration. / O Riain, Diarmuid.

Meanings of Community across Medieval Eurasia: Comparative Approaches. ed. / Eirik Hovden; Christina Lutter; Walter Pohl. Leiden : Brill, 2016. p. 388-416 (Visions of Community; Vol. 1).

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The Magnum Legendarium Austriacum: a new investigation of one of medieval Europe's richest hagiographical collections. / O Riain, Diarmuid.

In: Analecta Bollandiana, Vol. 133, 2015, p. 87-165.

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"Excellentissimi sanctorum Hibernie". Irish saints' Lives in Austrian legendaries. / O Riain, Diarmuid.

Treasures of Irish Christianity: To the ends of the earth. ed. / Salvador Ryan. Vol. 3 Dublin : Veritas, 2015. p. 35-37.

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